Special Public Works Shortlisted Candidates 2022 – ESPW List

Special Public Works Shortlisted Candidates 2022 – Have you check your name in the list of shortlisted candidates for SPW 2022? If you haven’t, we will guide you on how to login to their portal and check your name.

As part of the social intervention programme, president Muhammadu Buhari introduced a Pilot Special Public Works Programme in the Rural Areas. The programme was in collaboration with National Directorate of Employment (NDE) for implementation.

The idea is to engage 774,000 Nigerian Youths as traffic control officers, street cleaners, irrigation canal maintenance, Cleaning of public infrastructure like Health Centres, Schools and the likes.

This will help alleviate the shortage of jobs in the rural areas as the beneficiaries will be engaged in a short-term job for a period of 3 months. They promised to select 1,000 unemployed persons in each local government and it will be for all the states.

Participants were to be paid an allowance of N20,000 monthly and were to be recruited largely from the pool of unskilled persons ordinarily resident in those rural areas.

Extended Special Public Works (ESPW) Across The 774 Local Government Areas of the Federation.

ESPW Was approved to help accommodate more unemployed persons in the rural areas of the 774 local governments in Nigeria. If you have not benefited from this programme, we encourage you to read carefully how to check Special Public Works Shortlisted Candidates 2022 and learn more about the payments.

There was no online application for this selection, for the purpose of transparency, select banks was used to collect and register data of the beneficiaries. An account will also be opened for the beneficiary by the bank and monthly payment or stipends will be paid directly into the bank account of the beneficiary by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN).

How to check Special Public Works Shortlisted Candidates 2022

To check if your name is in the database of Special Public Works Shortlisted Candidates, you need to visit ‘Verification Portal for banks’.

Here is how to:

  1. Visit the verification portal at https://banks.specialpublicworks.gov.ng/site/
  2. Select your state of origin
  3. Enter your Surname and First name in the spaces provided
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Click on verify

If your name is on the list of selected beneficiaries, you will see all the details. Else, it will tell you that this participant in not on the list.

If your name is in the list of SPW shortlisted candidates 2022, you have to follow the instructions to verify and submit your details for payment.

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